Eco Friendly Awnings

Promote energy efficiency and reduce your carbon footprint with eco-friendly awnings!

While awnings have long been used in Europe for both style and energy conservation, the United States has taken a little longer to catch on. Now that many of us are becoming more concerned with rising energy costs and the carbon ‘footprint’ we leave on the environment, awnings make more sense than ever. Awnings are a natural way to reduce your energy consumption and protect your home or business.

Windows concentrate solar energy and trap the radiant heat inside our homes. As a result, we must cool our homes with air conditioners resulting in higher energy bills and an increased carbon impact. Over time, solar radiation also deteriorates almost every surface it touches. It weakens fabrics, fades colors, and speeds the aging of wood finishes.

You can stop the sun’s heat and harmful effects with awnings!

  • Awnings use no electricity, and yet provide substantial energy savings.
  • Awnings reduce the amount of sunlight entering windows without blocking the view.
  • Awnings shade inside surfaces near windows, diminishing the premature aging of woods, leather and fabrics.
  • Awnings significantly reduce environmental impact because you’re using shade to cool your home.

Enjoy outdoor living and dining the affordable way!

Add an extra room by covering your porch with a retractable deck awning. You can avoid high construction costs, add value to your home or property and create an eco-friendly extension to your living or dining area.  Often, these areas become the focal point for entertaining guests or relaxing with friends and family.

With so many eco-friendly benefits, awnings are a popular, attractive, and affordable choice for meeting your home and business needs!