Seasonal Solution: Vestibule

Our Kitchen Vestibule Minneapolis

As the weather turns cooler, some businesses may find that their entrance is not as warm and dry as they’d like. Customers coming in are wonderful, but the cold air and rain or snow that comes in with them? Not so desirable. So, what can you do? A traditional awning can help keep folks dry, but…

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Motorized Pergola for Patios

Dukes Louvered Roof

During the warmer months, Minnesotans often prefer dining at restaurant with a nice patio or outdoor space. Since Covid, outdoor dining has become even more important for many customers and business owners. But what happens to business on those days when the sun is bit too much, or it’s sprinkling on and off? One solution…

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Fun at 50th & France

'Boys and Jams Logo

If you’ve walked around the 50th and France area of Edina, Minnesota, you know that it is bursting with boutique shops, restaurants, and bars. Many of the storefronts feature custom awnings made by Acme Awning as well. This fall a new restaurant will bring a Cajun flair to the neighborhood, and its awnings are bringing…

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A Minneapolis Transformation

4801 Nicollet After Photo

A transformation has been underway at the corner of 48th St E and Nicollet Ave in Minneapolis, and the end result is impressive. The brick building began as a mix of original brick, a mural, and faded greenish paint. While it may have once looked more inviting, over time it just seemed choppy and tired.…

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Brand Continuity

Tumble Fresh Laundry in Hudson WI

Chain stores know that having a consistent message and maintaining their brand across all locations is important. We have all driven by fast food restaurants in a new town and immediately recognized the logo or building shape — and we know what the experience should be like if we go inside. A local business has…

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Entrance Canopies with Hanging Rods

Hanging Rod Canopy Owasso Gardens

Owasso Gardens is a new 60-unit apartment complex in Roseville providing independent and affordable living for those 55+. Owasso Gardens is part of the CommonBond Community, an affordable housing nonprofit that works to build thriving communities in Minnesota, Wisconsin and Iowa. Acme Awning was brought in to provide the metal hanging rod canopies over the…

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The Strength of Steel

Welding Steel Awning Frames

As a manufacturer of custom awnings, Acme Awning has developed a reputation for providing high quality, sturdy, long lasting frames that can be recovered many times over. Each awning is built to exact specifications to ensure the best fit and appearance as possible.  Our facility in Minneapolis houses a metal shop, sewing and graphics factory,…

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Eye Catching Awnings for New Mpls Concept Eatery

2201 Hennepin Elevation

If you are driving along the 2200 block of Hennepin Avenue in Minneapolis, you are likely to spot a couple of sharks serving up pizza. No, it isn’t a new gimmick to generate business, but rather a brand new two-in-one eatery coming to 2201 Hennepin Ave. Pizza Shark and CHX are sharing the old D’Amico…

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Preparing for Spring in Bayport

Mabels Front View

While we are still in the thick of winter, some businesses are getting ready for a busy spring ahead. The beautiful St. Croix River is just a few blocks away from this month’s featured project in Bayport, MN: Mabel’s Ice Cream Shop. Home to a rotating selection of 24 ice creams, this shop is a…

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Enclosing a Corner Entrance

Groveland Dental Enclosed Entrance

Brick buildings with corner entryways are common around the Twin Cities, especially in St. Paul. Acme Awning’s customer, Groveland Dental, is located in just such a building. We worked with Groveland Dental on their corner awning several years ago, and were pleased to be able to help them solve a problem with their main entrance.…

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