The Strength of Steel

As a manufacturer of custom awnings, Acme Awning has developed a reputation for providing high quality, sturdy, long lasting frames that can be recovered many times over. Each awning is built to exact specifications to ensure the best fit and appearance as possible.  Our facility in Minneapolis houses a metal shop, sewing and graphics factory, and sales and front office departments. And it is in our metal shop where new awnings begin.

With only a few exceptions, Acme frames are built using 16-gauge galvanized steel tubing that is coated with a triple layer of rust- and corrosion-resistant chemicals (known in the industry as Gatorshield®). The coating process also leaves the steel able to be painted or powder coated, if desired, with little to no preparation. The steel is purchased in long tubes that are then cut to order. Once the individual pieces of the frame are cut to the appropriate sizes, it is time for the welding to begin.

The frames are held together by strong welding beads. In addition, corners are cut at 45-degree angles to give added strength when welded. In the below photos, Acme’s resident welder is “laying a bead,” or welding the two pieces together. Once the frame is completely built and all welds are in place, it is time for the finishing steps. These include grinding the welds to smooth them out to a soft polished shine, then coating the weld with another rust preventer. When called for, the frames can then be painted or powder coated.

Once the frame is installed, there is no maintenance needed to keep it in great condition. The strength of the steel, the longevity of the Gatorshield coating and the permanence of the welds mean that the awning can remain in place for 50+ years. At Acme Awning, we are proud to deliver high quality, long lasting frames to both our commercial and our residential customers.