Stanley’s NE: Year Round Patio

Minnesotans are often on the hunt for a great patio space — somewhere they can enjoy good food, a fun atmosphere and maybe even bring their dogs. Our patio season is relatively short, however, and weather can interfere with the full enjoyment of these outdoor spaces. Acme Awning is excited to offer a year round (all 12 months!) solution to maximize the opportunity to use these outdoor patio spaces.

The first product is a motorized louvered roof system. This system is built to our local Twin Cities snow load codes and can be safely left in the closed position during the winter months. Next, Acme Awning installs exterior motorized vinyl screens that features clear windows, blocks inclement weather and helps with heat retainage in the winter. Both of these products offer on demand weather protection as they can be easily opened or closed with the touch of a button. Finally, Acme Awning can install a door into this newly covered space if desired.

Recently we were hired by Craft & Crew Hospitality to help expand the covered square footage at Stanley’s NE Bar Room in Minneapolis. The louvered roof and motorized vinyl screen products are an economical way to increase a business’ square footage and provides a waterproof, windproof and waterproof space that can be used without fail all year long. Once Acme Awning had the pergola covered and the side panels installed, Stanley’s NE added the atmosphere and fun with a grassy wall, ceiling fans, heaters, lighting, televisions and even fireplaces. Now customers can enjoy the space, bring their pups, watch the game or grab a meal with friends, no matter the weather or the time of year.

While this example is a commercial application using different products, these can be installed for our residential customers or apartment/condo developments as well. Reach out to Acme Awning today and let us help you find the right solution to make the most out of your space!