‘Tis the Season

This past week Minnesota has taken a deep dive into winter weather with below-average temperatures, snowy days, and cold winds. We are also approaching the bustling holiday season, when restaurants and shops stay busy with customers going in and out all day. The traffic is great for businesses, but with it often comes snow, ice, and gusts of cold air. Patrons get chilly, products blow off display tables, and heating bills climb.

Acme Awning has a solution: a seasonal vestibule. We can work with many different entrances to create a custom enclosure that will provide a buffer between the outside elements and inside warmth. There are many options when considering a vestibule – it can be as small as a single door with a few feet of space or as large as the length of the building. Windows can be built into the side panels to add natural light and visibility. These vestibules are often used seasonally and can be removed during the warmer months, though some customers prefer to keep them up year-round.

Here are a few examples of vestibules Acme Awning has provided for location Twin Cities customers. Perhaps this solution is just what you (and your heating bill) need this winter!