Before & After: Uptown Pizza

Uptown Pizza has been a staple in Minneapolis since 1980. Located at the corner of West Lake Street and Grand Avenue South, the restaurant is highly visible at this busy intersection. Unfortunately, their awning had seen better days. Awning material is manufactured to be durable and long-lasting, but given enough time it will eventually start to break down. Sunlight, snow, wind and ice all take their toll.  The previous awning was so deteriorated that entire sections were missing from the frame, as seen in the below left-hand photos.

Acme Awning was hired to provide a new awning that would mimic the original, which featured lighting underneath that illuminated both the storefront and the lettering on the canopy. The frame was in a state of disrepair and needed to be replaced, so Acme began by demolishing the existing frame and canvas. A new welded steel frame was built with the same look as the original. Next, Acme Awning used a high-quality, flexible and weather-resistant material to create a new canopy cover. The logo for Uptown Pizza was then eradicated, or removed, from the cover to create the backlit awning. This chemical process removes the red vinyl layer to reveal the white underside, which will then show through at night when the lights are turned on.

The new awning, as seen below on the right, will welcome customers and passers-by for many years to come. If your storefront is needing a fresh look, contact us today.