Custom Porch Curtains

Many homes and cabins in Minnesota have screened in porches and decks, and these spaces can be a wonderful place to spend time “outside” without some of the drawbacks the outdoors can offer (mosquitoes included). But what happens when it’s winter and it’s time to close up the porch? Or it is still warm outside, but the wind and rain is coming in? Acme Awning recommends custom porch curtains (also called roll or rope curtains). These curtains, made with Sunbrella Awning/Marine canvas (click here to see all of the options), are easily deployed and can keep out all sorts of undesirable things including dust, debris, dirt, rain and snow. The curtains are designed to fit your specific space. Rope curtains can be raised and lowered using ropes and are secured along the sides with turn buttons to keep them secured in place when deployed.

Roll curtains can be seasonal – only put in place during the winter months to keep the snow out. Or they can be raised and lowered based on how the space is being used and what the weather dictates. In addition to protection from weather and undesirable elements, porch curtains also provide privacy for the homeowner.

While some may think of these as old-fashioned, they have stood the test of time for a reason. Acme Awning can create a solution for your specific space, using materials that will hold up against harsh winters and windy summers, at a reasonable price. If you have a space that could benefit from porch curtains, reach out to us today for a no-obligation quote.