Upgraded Canopy: Before and After

The Apex apartment building in Burnsville offers residents upscale living with great views and plenty of amenities. As part of the transformation from “The Observatory” to “The Apex,” Acme Awning was brought in to create a more useful and sophisticated entryway awning. To begin, the canopy design moved from a small canopy covering a portion of the sidewalk (BEFORE, below) to a large canopy covering extending over the driveway (AFTER, below). Now as guests and future tenants arrive, they are welcomed with a dry and protected walk into the front of the building.

With the increase in size came the opportunity to boldly feature the new apartment complex name. As can be seen in the below BEFORE and AFTER photos, the old canopy was hard to read from any distance. Now, The Apex is clearly visible. In addition, their marketing slogan appears on both sides of the awning. Finally, the new canopy is secured with custom posts.

As winter approaches, now is a great time to consider elevating your entryway with a canopy protecting guests and customers. Contact Acme Awning to learn more about how we can help upgrade your building.