Aluminum Awnings: A Durable Classic

As you drive through the neighborhoods of Minneapolis and St. Paul (and a few metro suburbs), you will see homes with traditional aluminum awnings and door canopies, or hoods. These classic, distinctive awnings are a permanent decorative addition that can be customized to complement any style window or doorway. Acme Awning has long offered horizontal-design, or stepdown, aluminum awnings and door hoods. An aluminum patio top is also a great way to add covered outdoor space. All of our aluminum products are designed with a long, low look that is timeless.

Aluminum awnings have many benefits:

  • Added comfort: aluminum reflects heat, keeping homes and businesses cooler. In the summer, aluminum awnings can reduce interior heat by 8 to 15 degrees!
  • Protection: door hoods protect guests from rain, sleet and snow, and it helps to keep entryways dry.
  • Minimal maintenance: the roller-coated finish won’t chip, crack or peel and the stepdown design will help snow and rain to quickly shed.
  • Sturdiness: heavy gauge aluminum, stainless steel screws and a rugged understructure provide customers with a long-lasting, sturdy product.

Whether you are replacing an existing aluminum product, or you want to change the exterior of your home, Acme Awning can help you design the right awning, door hood or patio top for your needs. Reach out to us today!