Standing Seam Awning Over Employee Entrance

Standing seams awnings are a durable, modern awning solution. They get their name from the “seams” that stand up along the face of the awning (see below). Made of powdered coated sheet metal and installed onto a welded steel frame, Acme Awning’s standing seam awning not only looks great, but can also withstand Minnesota’s snowy winters.

In this Project of the Month, our customer was looking to protect an egress with a stairwell to the employee entrance from ice, snow and water. After considering a traditional canvas awning, they found that the durability of the standing seam awning better met their needs. Acme Awning built the custom frame, working around a number of pipes and other wiring. Posts were added to support the structure, and the sheet metal was installed with a cap along the top to help prevent snow and ice to seep through.

As winter approaches, there is far less worry of slips and falls as the staff come and go. The final result also fits nicely with the existing structures on the rear of this commercial property.