Eye-Catching Minneapolis Building

It is hard to miss the Conga Latin Bistro at the corner of East Hennepin Avenue and 5th Street NE. Known for authentic Spanish-Latin cuisine and a lively dance scene, the exterior of the building matches the energy found within. Painted a vibrant red with gray accents, the door and windows feature bright yellow awnings that catch the eye. While awnings are often designed to blend in or simply serve a purpose, Conga Latin Bistro has chosen to have them stand out and draw attention.


The traditional style A awnings with soft valances sit above each of the windows, while the cascade awning over the door prominently features the restaurant’s name. Both styles are considered traditional, but there is nothing traditional about the overall look created with the color combinations. To add to the visual appeal, the back lighting under the awnings causes them to really pop at night. This is a great example of how awnings can both shade / protect while showcasing the energy and vitality of the business within.