Problem Solved: Windy Entryway

In early 2019, Acme Awning was hired by Nokomis Tattoo (Minneapolis) to manufacture and install a traditional style awning over their shop on 34th Avenue South. The awning, featuring their custom logo, transformed the front of the building and provided customers an easy way to find their location. Pleased with the awning, the staff at Nokomis Tattoo contacted Acme Awning when they discovered a problem — an incredibly windy entryway.

With winds pushing customers around outside and blowing things around inside, Nokomis Tattoo needed to find a way to minimize the winds without undergoing a major remodel. Working with Acme Awning, a plan was developed to install custom side, or wind, curtains. As shown below, the wind curtains have been installed on either side of the front door. While noticeable, they have an overall streamlined look that doesn’t take away from from the rest of the building. The customers are now happily sheltered from the winds, and if Nokomis Tattoo desires, the side curtains can be removed seasonally. Wind problem solved!