Buddy’s Kitchen Employee Entrances: Before and After

Buddy’s Kitchen operates two facilities in the Twin Cities Metro. As part of their COVID-19 precautions, employees wait to enter as daily health screenings are done. To protect their employees, Buddy’s Kitchen erected temporary pop-up tents over the walk ways.

Several months into the health screenings, the temporary shelters proved to be less than ideal. At the Burnsville location, the landscaping prevented the tent from coming all the way up to the building — and it wasn’t able to sit level with the ground. In Lakeville the tent was working a bit better, but it wasn’t as sturdy as it needed to be for the coming winter.

Acme Awning was brought in to build sturdy, stable canopies that feature the company’s logo and labeled the Employee Entrance. At the Burnsville location, a hip canopy covers the full walkway, from the parking lot to the door. Custom posts provide the stable footing needed, and there is no longer a gap between the cover and entrance. In Lakeville, a traditional style awning attached to the side of the building provides a safe and dry entrance for the employees. Again, custom posts create the secure structure to help it last through heavy winds and snow.

At Acme Awning we enjoy solving problems and improving situations. While we can’t change the weather in Minnesota, we can certainly do our best to cover walk ways, shade windows and protect patios. Contact us at info [at] acmeawning [dot] com with your problem and let us help you find a good solution.