Enclosing a Corner Entrance

Brick buildings with corner entryways are common around the Twin Cities, especially in St. Paul. Acme Awning’s customer, Groveland Dental, is located in just such a building. We worked with Groveland Dental on their corner awning several years ago, and were pleased to be able to help them solve a problem with their main entrance.

As patients moved in and out of the building, the outdoor elements were finding their way inside — increasing energy bills and decreasing the comfort of those in the waiting room. To create a buffer between the weather and the waiting room, Acme Awning worked with Groveland Dental to create a custom vestibule solution. Along one side of the entrance a custom panel was installed to seal off the opening. The panel features large windows to allow for natural light and visibility. The other side of the entrance has also been sealed with a custom panel, but this one features a sturdy door with a window. This door leads into the vestibule, keeping the harshest elements outside where they belong. What problem can Acme Awning help you solve?