Upgrade Your Outdoor Space

With the snow piled up around us, it may be hard to believe that warmer weather is just around the corner. After an incredibly snowy winter many of us are itching to get back outside to enjoy the warm and sunny days Spring and Summer offer. Whether we spend time at our favorite restaurant patio, in the backyard grilling with family and friends, or enjoying a break outside with our fellow coworkers, Minnesotans look at ways to maximize our opportunities to spend time outdoors.

Acme Awning offers several solutions that can help both commercial and residential customers create their ideal outdoor space. Three of those options are detailed below: a louvered roof pergola system, a retractable PVC vinyl system, and a seasonal canvas patio top. All three offer protection from the sun and rain, can be built to fit into many different spaces, and compliment many different building and home styles.

As with our traditional awnings, each solution is custom built to meet the needs and specifications for each customer. Therefore, now is the time to reach out to Acme Awning to get your project underway.


The modern, innovative design of the Cardinal Architectural louvered roof system features adjustable louvers that allow for the control of sun and shade with the touch of a button. The maintenance-free louvers are made from high quality aircraft grade aluminum and are water tight when closed. The motorized system allows for numerous options and add-ons, such as gutter systems, ceiling fans, heaters, lights and more. While an electrical connection is required, this system can be installed on a pergola that is freestanding or connected to a home or building.


With an elegant design and quiet motor, KE USA’s retractable pergola is an excellent solution to provide waterproof protection over a patio area. The 3-ply PVC fabric blocks 100% of UV light when closed, providing shade when needed. Opening in the fabric roof only takes seconds and leaves a clear view to the sky. The PVC vinyl is firmly anchored to the framework structure, so no beams or support elements are visible from below. The system can be customized with lights, audio systems, rainwater management, curtains and more.


The possibilities are nearly endless when you work with Acme Awning to create your custom canvas patio top. This low-maintenance seasonal product provides three-season protection from the sun and rain. As it requires no electricity, it can also be installed without concern for electrical hookups. While the cover does need to be removed and stored during winter, the posts remain securely in place year-round. The canvas patio top can be customized to meet your needs as well as your design preferences. The Sunbrella canvas options range from soft colors to bold patterns, and Acme Awning can help enclose the space further with curtains if desired.