Standing Seam Awning Over Employee Entrance

Standing Seam Awning

Standing seams awnings are a durable, modern awning solution. They get their name from the “seams” that stand up along the face of the awning (see below). Made of powdered coated sheet metal and installed onto a welded steel frame, Acme Awning’s standing seam awning not only looks great, but can also withstand Minnesota’s snowy…

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Serum’s Bar & Grill

Serum's Bar with awnings on the front and side of the building

Serum’s Bar & Grill, located in Anoka, MN, has been a customer of Acme Awning’s for many years. Classic window awnings and a traditional style A awning, all with a scalloped valances, on the front of the building fits with the overall small town look and feel of downtown Anoka. The light colored brick is…

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Before & After in Minneapolis

Changing or adding new awnings can give your building a whole new look. When the owner of this building at 35th and Bloomington Ave. in Minneapolis asked for a more modern look, Acme Awning installed traditional stationary style awnings in place of their cascade style (popular in the 70’s and 80’s). Contact us today to…

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